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Otorhinolaringology & Cervico-Facial Pathology (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Services at UMA:


  • Diagnosis of special conditions in adults and children.
  • Auditory exploration.
  • Rhinopharnygolarngeal endoscopy.
  • Inner Ear Surgery: Transtympanic drainage, tympanoplasty, surgery of deafness.
  • Nasal and Sinus Surgery: Septoplasty, functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty, nasosinus surgerical endoscopy…
  • Pharnygolarngeal Surgery: microlaryngeal surgery, functional and radical surgery of the larynx, amygdalectomy, surgery to alleviate snoring…
  • Cervicofacial Surgery: Salivary gland surgery (parotidectomy, submaxilectomia), thyroid surgery, cervical surgery (bronchial cysts, functional neck dissection).
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Snoring Disorders and Sleep Apnoea:

This service is available to provide a portable polysomnografy that allows the diagnosis of sleep apnoea to be carried out in your home, eliminating the need for hospitalization.

After the evaluation of your discomfort is done in the Unidad Médica consult, a doctor comes to your house to place the electrodes and connect the polysomnografy apparatus.

After analyzing the results, a diagnosis is given and a medical or surgical treatment is proposed.

  • Vestibular Service: Vertigo disorders and equilibrium disturbances are evaluated in the consult, and treated through medical, surgical and rehabilitory means. In the last case the Unidad Médica physiotherapy (following guidelines established by Dr. Sanz Fernandez) will carry out the exercises aimed to better stability and diminish the sensation of dizziness.

Technical Resources

The Otorhinolaryngology consult is equipped with all the means necessary to provide proper care to patients:

  • Exploration chair.
  • Binocular microscope.
  • Fibroendoscopy connected to camera and monitor.
  • Audiometer to measure tonal and verbal eudiometry.
  • Impedance meter to measure tympanometry and stapedial reflexes.
  • Basic exploration instruments.

Contact us

Dr. Ricardo Sanz Fernández

  • Doctor of Medicine and Surgery.
  • Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology and cervico-facial pathology.
  • Head of Otorhinolaryngology and cervico-facial pathology service at “Hospital Universitario de Getafe” (Madrid).
  • Full Profesor, “Universidad Europea de Madrid”.


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    Monday to Friday we have uninterrupted hours from 9:00h until 20:00h and  Saturdays from 10:00h to 13:00h. In August our summer opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10h to 17h and Saturdays 10:00h to 13:00h.

    All staff, doctors, nurses and administration, are english speaking.


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