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Services at UMA:

The attention in the specialty of Orthopedics and Traumatology offered at Anglo American Medical Unit includes a team of specialists linked to the Jimenez Diaz Foundation IDC Autonomous University of Madrid, with top-level experts including:Unit shoulder and elbow arthroscopic surgery athlete and adult degenerative lesions. Instability and rotator cuff problems.

  • Column unit: Assessment and treatment of diseases affecting both the young athlete as degenerative lesions of the people over age.
  • Minimally invasive herniated disc surgery.
  • Comprehensive treatment of scoliosis and deformities of growth.
  • Unit Hip Surgery: Degenerative and the young athlete. Hip arthroscopy injuries femoral-acetabular impingement.
  • Arthroplasty, hip-art.
  • Unit of Medicine and Foot Surgery: Techniques for treatment and final correction of hallux valgus. Hallux rigidus.
  • Metatarsalgias. Neuromas.
  • Foot disorders in athlete

Knee Unit: Athlete Knee arthroscopy meniscus ligament problems and osteochondritis. Treatment of tendinitis, bursitis with platelet factors.

Instability cruciate ligament injury.

  • Adult degenerative knee. Arthroplasty, treatment of cartilage injuries.
  • Hand unit: traumatic and degenerative pathology. Dupuytren’s disease. Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Unit Bone Tumors: benign growth Mlignos.

The consultation takes place on the premises of Medical Unit Anglo American by one of the senior surgeons in the specialty and is derived if required the most appropriate to the patient’s pathology unit.

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    Monday to Friday we have uninterrupted hours from 9:00h until 20:00h and  Saturdays from 10:00h to 13:00h. In August our summer opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10h to 17h and Saturdays 10:00h to 13:00h.

    All staff, doctors, nurses and administration, are english speaking.


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